Volunteering at imediamonkey®


Volunteering for imediamonkey® can be a fun experience and a rewarding step in your career. If you are looking to get into journalism, photography, videography or you’re just interested in the media industry as a whole, a voluntary position at imediamonkey® could be the perfect boost to your resume.


Our volunteers have attended exclusive blockbuster press screenings, been on the red carpet and had their hands on games and gadgets ahead of general release. This experience has pushed them miles ahead of other applicants, to get that highly sought after job in the media industry or that increasingly crucial place at University.

The team are friendly and supportive and, unlike some other websites, have your best interests in mind. When someone leaves imediamonkey® – especially after a long period of time – the rest of the staff are genuinely gutted to see them go.

Application Process

In a bid to streamline our volunteer application process, we have put together a form which we believe will give us all of the information we need to get to know you and your writing style. If you wish to apply for a position at imediamonkey®, please ensure that the form below is filled out in as much detail as possible.

Using a Reporter as an example, the full imediamonkey® application process is as follows:

  • Once your Volunteer Application Form has been received and reviewed, you will receive an email from the Editor-in-Chief, who will send and/or link you to your job description, a volunteer pack (which featured our various policies and step-by-step guides) and your volunteer agreement (which must be signed upon reading the volunteer pack, and sent back via post or email).
  • Once you’re volunteer agreement has been received by the Editor-in-Chief, you will be sent the log-in details for your imediamonkey® email account, the imediamonkey® newsroom, and imediamonkey®
  • You will be asked to write a handful of stories, which will be submitted for review by the Editor-in-Chief, so they can be checked for formatting errors and feedback can be given.
  • Once the Editor-in-Chief is happy with your progress, your account permissions will be upgraded so you can publish stories – including images – without having to submit them for review.
  • Your progress will continue to be reviewed.

Application Form

Please note: The above form only needs to be submitted once.