Launched in March 2009 by Jordan Howell, imediamonkey.com was originally a blog featuring recaps for television shows such as The Apprentice, The X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent.

Since 2009, the website has changed from a blog into a trusted media news provider. With a strong search engine presence, Google News accreditation, inclusion in MobilesRepublic’s portfolio of mobile apps and integration into HTC blinkfeed, imediamonkey® provides hundreds of thousands of visitors with the latest news, expert reviews and exclusive interviews every month.

imediamonkey.com takes on the media industry from every angle – it is the site to visit for viewpoints and features you won’t find elsewhere including our hugely popular live awards night coverage, The Enclosure - an exclusive in-house ad break show.

On June 1st 2012, “imediamonkey” was officially registered as a trade mark of imediamonkey® ltd.

If you think you can bring a different angle to imediamonkey® – apply at imediamonkey.com/jobs.