‘EastEnders’ Spoilers: Valentine’s romances, secrets revealed and a dark Branning betrayal!

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Fans of will know that isn’t having the best start to a new year, but despite all that he has done we still think his next punishment is a tad on the harsh side. Of course, Max () has been far from angelic of late but he did seem to reach a turning point over the death of his daughter, Abi, who viewers will know he took very badly indeed after initially refusing to allow her life support machines to be turned off. Next week fans of the hit soap can expect to see Max getting sentimental yet again as he tries to get involved with the preparations for Abi’s funeral, but seems to be met with brick walls put up by the rest of his family…

Their reason for doing so?  They already had the funeral, without Max! Elsewhere and Vincent (Richard Blackwood) is starting to feel the pressure of living a double life next week as the delay in the sale of the Albert forces him to look elsewhere for a speedier buyer.  However, for every penny he is scraping together to keep Aidan (Patrick Bergin) off his back, his wife Kim (Tameka Empson) is spending in double time, forcing Vincent to finally come clean… The Hubbard’s cupboard is bare, they are flat broke, which leads to some pretty intense conversations, and life decisions! Of course, it is Valentine’s Day next week and even the residents of Walford are entitled to lift their frowns and allow love in to their hearts, even if it is just a smidgen. But with so much pain and misery flying around Albert Square at the moment, where could Cupid possibly aim his bow?  Robbie (Dean Gaffney) and Donna (Lisa Hammond), that’s who! The pair are set to get steamy again after coming together to sell dodgy roses on the market – who says romance is dead? – but will they have a happy ending?

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Then there is Whitney (Shona McGarty) and Halfway (Tony Clay), who have already tried dating once, but will a misunderstanding and a packed bag reignite the spark between them once again? Watch all the drama unfold in next week on One / One HD https://youtu.be/l2xjvyiEaqI


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