Adam Lambert to record new music with Queen? ‘It’s a possibility’

Adam Lambert & Queen

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has revealed that it’s not exactly out of the question for him and to record new music together, but has questioned that if he, Roger Taylor, and Brian May do make new music together, would it even be ?

Lambert has been the front man for a few years now, and the trio have embarked on massive tours over the past few years. What’s important though is that fans have accepted and welcomed Lambert has the frontman and he continues to earn heaps of praise.

Now, as Lambert and embark on the Australian leg of their tour on February 17, Lambert spoke to the Australian Daily Telegraph about potentially recording new music with the band. Whilst there is no confirmation that it would even happen, the singer revealed that he would “never say never”, adding that it is “not out of the realm of possibility”.

“I wouldn’t ever say never. If Brian, Roger and me create new music, would it even be called ? To me is Freddie and I am a guest. But it’s not out of the realm of possibility,” Lambert said.

He confirmed that he has “been working very hard” on his “solo project”, which is he is continuing to work on whilst touring with .

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