Andrew Brady bought Courtney Act a ‘memory’ teddy bear and it’s cuteness overload

Celebrity Big Brother 2018: Courtney Act / Shane Jenek, Andrew Brady

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came to a close on Friday night, in which was deservedly crowned as the winner of the series, and it looks like Andrew and Courtney / are missing each other already. So much so, Andrew has been the most adorable friend on the planet and bought Courtney a teddy bear to remind him of the “amazing month” that they both spend together.

We’re pretty sad that this year’s January series of is over. Throughout January we had our eyes well and truly glued to – it was, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the best series’ we have had in years. The producers got so much right with the January series this year, and the crop of housemates just lifted the show.

One pairing that we could not take our eyes off the year was between and – an unlikely coupling, but one that is filled with love, and plenty of adorableness. We loved watching their friendship grow in the house, and we love seeing relationships like this one form. It seemed to natural, and what we did love is that Andrew didn’t care about what people may have thought about the ‘unconventional’ relationship. Andrew and Courtney’s relationship in the house has sparked many important conversations over the past month, and we’d like to think that such a simple, loving friendship will help to break several ‘boundaries’ that exist in the current day, which is sad. Not only that, Courtney sparked some important conversations surrounding the LGBT community. They both did pretty amazing – Courtney brought LGBT issues front and centre on the show, and Andrew is an amazing ally for the community.

Thankfully, it looks like the relationship between Andrew and Courtney isn’t going anywhere. We hope they stay friends pretty much forever, and we hope to see them back on our TV screens soon enough. However, as they both begin going back to normal life, Courtney took to Twitter this morning to show off a teddy bear that Andrew has bought so that Courtney can remember the “amazing month” that they both spent together in the house.

Taking to Twitter this morning, Cortney / Shane posted a selfie with a little Teddy Bear, which we now know is called ‘Brady’ after Andrew.

This might be the cutest thing ever! [Andrew] got me this guy to keep me warm & to remind me of the amazing month we spent together! I’ve called him Brady. He’s a really good spooner! Love you, Andrew and thank you,” Courtney wrote.

As you can imagine, Twitter absolutely exploded with the cuteness overload. We think it’s completely adorable ❤️.


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