Courtney Act crowned as the WINNER of ‘Celebrity Big Brother’

Celebrity Big Brother 2018: Courtney Act

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has been crowned as the WINNER of this year’s series of .

We’ve seen / Shane Jenek go from a relatively unknown name in the UK to a lot of people, to become absolutely loved and adored by the British public, and then even going on to win the series.

32 days ago, 8 women entered the house to kick off ‘Year of the Woman’. 3 days later, 8 men entered a woman’s world to take the tally to 16 superb celebrities. We’ve had dressing up, some dressing downs, and a bit of drag, but one thing is for sure – it has been one incredible series.

One of the key parts of this year’s series of  has been Courtney and Andrew Brady’s special relationship. The pair got on with each other pretty much straight away in the house, and seeing their relationship blossom right in front of our very eyes has been really special. We love how the air are with each other. Not only that, Courtney / Shane J used the platform in an amazing way this year. Shane has managed to not only fly the flag for the LGBT community whilst in the house, but he’s also brought some very important conversations to the forefront. Shane has handled pretty much every situation thrown at him with absolute grace, and has approved every debate and conversation with so much intellect. He’s done extremely well in the house, and he should be proud of himself.

Courtney / Shane being crowned as the winner this evening is so much MORE than just being crowned the winner – the final two were very different to one another, and Courtney triumphing over Ann is quite an amazing feat because of everything that Shane stands for.

Celebrity Big Brother 2018: Andrew Brady, Courtney Act

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“I don’t know what this means, is this real life? This is amazing. I have to say thank you to the eight glorious women who were in the house and to all my other housemates. It is one of those things – you realise when people start going that those people are what makes it possible. This is so surreal right now,” Courtney said.

“It is amazing to think the public have chosen me. I think it’s validation, the things I came in here believing in. My inspiration coming into the house was teenage boy, didn’t know how he belonged and how he fit in, and not knowing what that meant, but knowing that if it was okay for them to be different, it was okay for me to be different too,” Courtney said when asked about what it was like entering the house.

Speaking about the conversations in the house, Courtney/Shane said: “I mean, I guess so. I was having conversations with people about things I am passionate about. You forget about people watching at home -a s much as you remember you’re in this fantastical environment, you forget people are watching at home”.

One big talking point is the relationship between Courtney and Andrew Brady. Courtney said: “The thing I love about Andrew is that he is so comfortable with everybody and everything. I said I wish more straight guys were like him as the world would be a better place. He didn’t care about what people in the house or at home was thinking. He’s comfortable with who he is. I do respect his boundaries and as much as it is fun to flirt… the thing I do respect if you have that understanding. I guess only the two of us knew what our relationship was. We really knew what it was”.

One final question Emma had for Courtney was whether that wardrobe malfunction on the way into the house was planned or not. Courtney replied: “Of course it wasn’t;t planned. I didn’t want to flash my gash to the nation”.

So there you have it. / Shane J is your WINNER of 2018. Is it the correct result? We think so…


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