‘Celebrity Big Brother’ voting percentages confirmed! How much did Courtney Act win by?

Celebrity Big Brother: Courtney Act / Shane Jenek

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The Winter series of came to a close this evening, in which Shane Jenek / was crowned the WINNER, and a worthy winner indeed.

Moments after Shane was announced as the winner of the series, Channel 5 confirmed the full voting percentages from this evening’s finale. Emma Willis confirmed on the show earlier tonight that Shane won with 49% of the overall vote, which is pretty amazing. Shane / Courtney won the series by a landslide, but what is interesting about the voting percentages is the gap between Shane/Ann and the rest of the finalists.

Shane J / won the series with 49.43% of the overall vote. finished in second place with 39.50%, which marks quite a big gap between Shane J and Ann, but an even bigger gap between Ann and third place finisher, . Shane finished in third place with 7.42% of the overall vote. So although it pretty much was a one horse race in the end, it was pretty much set in stone from the get go that Shane J/ and Ann would be the final two – there was no stopping them, and there certainly wasn’t any stopping Courtney from claiming that crown.

Elsewhere, finished in fourth place with 2.75% of the vote, with Wayne finishing in fifth place with a tiny 0.90% of the vote.

Many would have argued that they knew all along that Shane J would win the series, and we do think he is a very worthy winner – perhaps the only worthy winner, but we always knew it would be close between Shane J and Ann. Although Shane J and Ann are the opposite of one another, the fact that Ann is so divisive and divides the nation, it worked in her favour in the sense that she got so far in the show. Marmite characters like Ann usually do well, and even go on to win the series.. Yes, Helen Wood, we’re looking at you.


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