‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Shane Lynch finishes in third place!

Celebrity Big Brother 2018: Shane Lynch

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comes to a close this evening, but not before we’ve handed out the bronze medal. has finished this year’s series in THIRD position.

What a series of it has been. We’re sad to see the January 2018 series come to a close as it has been an incredible series, and as fans of the show, it feels like Big Brother kind of went back to its roots in some ways. We’ve also met some amazing celebrities over the past 32 days, all with different personalities, and all coming from different backgrounds, and the casting has made the series what it has been.

32 days ago, 8 women entered the house to kick off ‘Year of the Woman’. 3 days later, 8 men entered a woman’s world to take the tally to 16 superb celebrities. We’ve had dressing up, some dressing downs, and a bit of drag, but one thing is for sure – it has been one incredible series.

Earlier tonight, Wayne Sleep and Jess Impiazzi finished in fifth and fourth place, whilst  has followed them out in third position.

Celebrity Big Brother 2018: Shane Lynch

© Channel 5

In his exit interview this evening, Shane said: “Your moment is your moment, and it isn’t coming back, that’s for sure. I think from what I have witnessed from being in the house myself, I was hoping that would be the case [the final two being between Courtney and Ann]. Yeah, i really do. I feel like I would have robbed someone of a place, and they are far greater housemates for sure”.

“It wasn’t all politically based or gender base. There were really good times in the house,” Shane said of the conversations in the house.

“I think it was important to do in there. It was full of character that placed my character comes to me when need be,” he added.

Speaking about Ann Widdecombe, Shane said: “It took a while for me, I don’t want to say break her – like a race horse, but I think she is hard shelled; Inside is some soft loveliness. It took me 2 and a half weeks to get there and to get her humour. Once I got her humour and the jokes that would go over everyone’s heads, I got who she was. She would say some things to me that I could take to heart, but she was joking. She said things to a few people who took it to heart”.

When asked if he will miss anything about the house, he said ask him again tomorrow…


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