‘Celebrity Big Brother’ suffers second security breach in a week as intruders break into garden

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The house has suffered yet another security breach this evening, in which intruders managed to get into the garden of the house. This marks the second time in a week that the house has suffered a security problem, which is rather worrying.

Last week, YouTuber Ally Law managed to get into the Big Brother compound. Although he did not manage to actually get into the house, videos showed that he did actually manage to get into the camera runs, and into the attic of the house before being cornered by security. Ally Law and his equally as… charming friend, Ryan Taylor were lead out of the house where they were surrounded by security. The police were called, but they did a runner from the scene.

During tonight’s live eviction, in which it was announced that Daniel O’Reilly had become the third housemate of the night to be evicted, the housemates became a little panicked when they saw that an unidentified person had entered the garden. We now know that there were two of them. It’s not clear how the intruders managed to enter the garden, but from what we heard the housemates say on the live show, the intruders apparently came over the wall.

Jess Impiazzi said: “Oh my god, someone just jumped in. Oh my god, help me, I’m scared”.

Wayne Sleep added: “Big Brother, there are people in the house”.

As it was a live show, the doors to the garden would have been locked anyway, but then we saw Big Brother lower the shutters to the garden so that the housemates could not see what was going on – presumably also so that security could enter the garden.

Judging by a video posted on snapchat, it is the same people who broke into the house last week that returned for another shot. Emma Willis did confirm during Daniel’s exit interview that the housemates are okay, and the intruders did not manage to gain access to the main house, despite making their way into the garden.

This does raise a number of questions about the level and quality of security that they have surrounding the compound. It’s worrying when there is an intrusion and security breach, but this is the second time in a week, and we’d have thought a few things would have been learned after last week’s incident. It does seem as though something needs to be changed, as it was only last week that Ally Law bragged about how easy it was to gain access to the camera runs of the house. When the housemates are locked away in a compound for weeks at a time, security should be tight, add the fact that there are celebrities in the house as well, it makes it slightly disastrous.


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