‘Celebrity Big Brother’ – FOUR housemates face tonight’s massive triple eviction

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continues with its next live show of the series this evening, but Big Brother is being brutal.

We recently reported tat Big Brother was set to shake the house up a little bit by throwing not one, not two, but three housemates out of the house this evening. We’re one week away from the grand finale of the series, and we still have eleven housemates in the house. Obviously, the numbers need to reduce dramatically before the final next week, and one way to do that is to kick three housemates out at once.

Yesterday, we reported that / was the first housemate to face eviction this evening, and now it has been confirmed who will be joining him. After winning power over the house yesterday, the female housemates were told that they would hold the power over the nominations process, which made things a little tricky. If that wasn’t rocky enough, Big Brother announced that nominations would take place face-to-face.

Now, we knew from the off that the girls probably won’t turn on each other in face to face nominations, so it was highly likely that the guys would exclusively face eviction, and we were right to think that. However, only one side of the house being able to nominate made things very problematic, as THREE of the FOUR housemates facing eviction will be booted out of the house this evening.We do wonder what would have happened if the female housemates only nominated three housemates, or even worse, just two… how would Big Brother have gotten out of that pickle? If you ask me, for such a big eviction, all of the housemates should have been eligible to vote, or even better, put them all up to face the axe. Only allowing five out of the eleven housemates to nominate didn’t work out that well. Also, one other thing that didn’t sit well was that with the usual face to face nominations system, the housemates must decide upon their nominations before the process begins – they pick two cards, and place the rest down. Last night, the female housemates had the opportunity to change their nominations right up until the point they nominated, based on how their fellow housemates were nominating.

As a result, we now know that , Shane Jekek / , Daniel O’Reilly, and Jonny Mitchell will face eviction this evening. What it does mean is that one of the biggest stories of the series – the relationship between Shane and Andrew – will certainly be broken up this evening.

Here’s a rundown of who nominated who:

Ann Widdecombe

Nomination #1: : “I felt the lewd display of behaviour the other night brought the entire house into disrepute”

Nomination #2: : Ann cited similar reasons for nominating Andrew as she did Shane, in which she referred to the ‘lewd act’ that the boys were messing around doing the other night. #ScissorGate

Amanda Barrie

Nomination #1: Daniel O’Reilly: “When I see Daniel looking really depressed and don it effects me. I ask, have we done something or is he feeling nervous about going out there? I do feel you’ve not to have frailties if you’re going to be a stand up comic”.

Nomination #2: : “The reason being a slight conversation today and I thought you thought that Ann was trying to be in charge of things, and I said ‘You don’t know her, you don’t know the Ann I know’. I felt you didn’t really like her, therefore I thought I’d protect Ann”.

Ashley James

Nomination #1: Shane J: “You asked me a variety of questions regarding [Guniwuine's] departure last night and I wondered whether you were asking because you care about my feelings or you like to know what’s going on for yourself”.

Nomination #2: : “It is because today in the kitchen whilst making sardine cakes I said to Andrew, ‘Try it, it’s not that fishy’ and he made a derogatory comment about the female genitalia, which I did not find appropriate”.

Jess Impiazzi

Nomination #1: Jonny Mitchell: “I enjoyed his conversations but I feel like I’m annoying him and he doesn’t want me to speak to him as much which can be felt as standoff-ish”.

Nomination #2: : “When someone releases gasses from their anus in the area of the house that is not designated… Andrew did not abide by that general rule of respect and it hurt my insides”.


Nomination #1: Jonny Mitchell: “I am nominating Jonny because I believe he’s playing it safe”. Malika also added that she reckons he spends more time outside smoking than he does with his housemates.

Nomination #2: : “I nominated Andrew because there’s a time and a place to play. Yesterday I felt you were a little too insensitive when Ashley was upset over [Ginuwine] leaving”.


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