‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Daniel O’Reilly eighth to be evicted & he proposed to his girlfriend…

Celebrity Big Brother: Daniel O'Reilly

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Daniel O’Reilly, otherwise known as comedian Dapper Laughs,  has become the third housemate of the evening, and eighth overall, to be evicted from the  house.

Tonight’s live show saw a whopping triple eviction, and we’ve already seen Andrew Brady and Jonny Mitchell evicted from the house. Now with Daniel leaving the house, we have the unlucky trio of the night.

We’re one week away from the grand finale of the current series of  and prior to tonight’s eviction, we still have a huge eleven housemates in the house, so Big Brother needed to do something to get the numbers down. However, it was all a tad problematic.

It was confirmed last night that Jonny Mitchell, Andrew Brady, Daniel O’Reilly, and Courtney Act / Shane Jenek would face tonight’s eviction. With only four housemates facing eviction, in which three of them would be kicked out of the house, it certainly made for a nail-biting night. In case you missed the face to face nominations this week, as the female housemates won control of the house, it meant that they also won control of nominations, so only they could nominate. They targeted the male housemates, which resulted in the female housemates receiving zero nominations, and four male housemates facing the chop.

In his exit interview this evening, Daniel spoke about

“I think that journey stands for a lot more in regards to the format of the show, and that’s important, it’s the entertainment factor. If I’d lost to Jonny, Id be annoyed. As it was Courtney, I’m alright,” Daniel joked.

“It has been a rough year for my dad, I’m emotional… I’m either way, I’m having a laugh or I’m crying,” Daniel added about his emotions in the house.

He went on to say: “When I was in the house every day I was like regretted that I’d never asked you so…”, before getting down on one knee with a make-shift ring and asked his girlfriend to marry him…

`it’ 24 hours a day, you can’t completely edit yourself. For me, it was more the swearing. I thin all the female housemates did hear it, that’s why I was nominated the last three times. The only thing I’d change about the house is Maggie still being in there. Th house is now becoming more about what this show is about,” he added.


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