‘EastEnders’ Spoilers: Can the Carter’s save The Queen Vic tonight?

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Fans of will know that tonight is D-Day for the Carter family as Big Bad Fi comes to reclaim their pub, but could there be a last-minute victory?

For months viewers of the long-running soap will have watched as the Carter clan, headed by good guy Mick () tried desperately to plug the financial gaps in their once so ambitious future as the pub they love so dear, The Queen Vic, became a money pit in front of their very eyes.

It was around the start of this turbulent time that a bitter Max Branning (Jake Woods) saw a golden opportunity to start his mission of revenge against Albert Square by tricking the family, who had nothing whatsoever to do with his bitterness btw, into selling the freehold to his bogus management company.

Of course, everyone knows what Max was up to now, and he has even been seen trying to right some of his wrongs by offering back the businesses and homes he tricked people out of selling at the selling price, including the Carters’, but of course they were in financial trouble before he even came back to Walford.

Therefore, and despite the fair offer to buy back the pub, Mick and long-suffering wife Linda () have been struggling to find the money to repair the damage caused by their financial situation that forced them to sell the pub in the first place, and tonight is the night that they either have to pay up or move out.

However, there may be a slight silver lining ahead in the form of

() is the unexplained acquaintance of Mick who, having never been mentioned before as far as we can recall, ended up being in the back of the truck that Mick and his gang of Merry Men were trying to rob in order to raise the cash via a New Year’s heist.

Now, and we appreciate that caused a bit of a fuzzy distraction by shooting Mick during this botch-job, it has never been explored as to why was there in the first place.

And considering that the money and jewels that were snatched during the robbery have disappeared in to thin air whilst just about every wannabe gangster and Moll conducts their own, violent investigation in hope of finding it, we would have thought that someone might have at least had a few questions for the seemingly simple new Carter pet.

But it finally seemed that we could stop screaming this obvious connection at the TV at last when, during last night’s episode, Mick spotted a huge diamond ring that had been planning to give to new love interest, Whitney Dean, causing a lightbulb to flash above his head.

And tonight, fans can get a glimpse of just what that lightbulb alerted landlord Mick to as he prepares for one last fight before admitting defeat and handing over the Queen Vic keys…

But what could the plan be? We have many questions!

Like, for example, the fact that the ring looks pretty big and expensive, but seeing as how the big bag of jewels that Ben (Harry Reid) pawned before he left for France was only worth a fraction of what is needed to save the pub, how could it possibly help?

Unless Mick finally remembers that Half-Way was involved in the robbery, and may know more than he is letting on – For example where the money is, and seeing as how all the jewels were sold, where Ben is too?

All will be revealed tonight in at 7.30pm on One / One HD.


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