Where Are They Now? ‘Emmerdale’s’ Lyndon Ogbourne

IMG_3441For any British actor there is no gig more jam-packed than being part of a soap opera, and with hard work comes much recognition and reward.

However, the very nature of the beast in the world of soaps means that to keep audience entertained, and on the edge of their seat, each soap opera has to continually come up with unique and daring storylines which often sees characters leaving the show dramatically, even the favourites, giving every single one of these hard-working actors a shelf life!

Of course, the grittier the storyline that each of these stars are part of makes the actors more memorable, and eligible for bigger and better things once their time on the show is done, so imediamonkey thought it would be nice to revisit some of our favourite former soap stars to see just what they are up to now.

cemented his name in history as he slithered his character, , right in to the Home Farm Villain Hall of Fame.

Back in 2009 Nathan burst on to our screens as part of the new family taking up residency in the long-running soap’s Home Farm Estate, making his villainous ways pretty clear from the off as in his very first days in the village he showed his mass-manipulation skills to try and get his own way with just about everyone who he came across.

In the two years that Nathan, eldest child of his seemingly besotted parents Natasha and Mark, was in he was involved in some of the show’s hardest-hitting storylines ranging from blackmail to incest and murder.

But, just two years after he first rocked up in , Nathan was shunned away under a cloud of shame, having lost everything, and full of bitterness.

Now, with the manor currently being taken over by another rich, spoilt and vengeful villain, Nathan has been in many fans minds, so we thought it was the perfect time to catch up with , the actor who played Nathan, to find out what he is currently up to.

Since leaving our screens Lyndon has kept incredibly busy both in front of the screens, and behind them, as he explained to imediamonkey, exclusively:

“I am currently living in London, but have been spending some time in LA, I recently signed for a new manager over there so I am sharing my time between castings here in London and also in the States.  There is a lot of respect, and therefore opportunities for soap stars in America.

“This came off the back of my recent film, , which was screened in cinemas last year.  was my first cinema lead and starred Billy Zane, Billy Boyd from Lord of the Rings and comedian (and former I’m A Celeb star) .  The film is kind of a coming of age comedy, set in Ibiza, and was a huge deal for me, it was nice to be a lead in a film full stop, but for a cinema release was fantastic.


“I spent a lot of time hanging out with Joel during the making of , and it was a lot of fun, it’s quite a funny film so if you get a chance I would definitely recommend having a look.  It’s like an Ibiza party film, with myself playing a reformed sort of party animal telling a story of how life doesn’t need to just be about partying.

“After doing I was contacted by this new management agency in America who offered to represent me.  So now is my first year of properly pushing forward a lot of castings for American networks, whilst I also still have representation here in the UK, so I am busy going through the motions.

“I also did a film called Black Prince with Jason Flemyng which was an English and Indian co-production telling a very historic story about the last king of Punjab, which was a lot of fun, and I had to grow mutton chops which make me look brilliantly ridiculous!”

Following these career enhancing movies, Lyndon has not forgotten his roots and has been employing his efforts both in front of, and behind British screens, as he explains:

“After I returned to do a few episodes of Doctors which are on this week, it’s a nice storyline, kind of a stand alone one, about a guy who gets accused of killing his wife. (to check out this episode click here).”


But that isn’t all Lyndon is up to:

“I’m also forging quite a successful career as a freelance set designer for adverts and editorials in magazines.  On the 2nd January I had a really nice 8 page spread that I did the set design for in LOOK magazine.  I have found this to be quite a big, and hugely creative aspect to my career, which helps keep me balanced between acting jobs and I’ve found that sharing two careers has been a really nice development, one which I’ve enjoyed for the past five years now.

“I love surprising people with that.  I was on a set last year and someone said to me that they were sure they had just watched a movie with me in it the night before – that was .  That exciting balance keeps me busy, and grounded, so I am not one of these actors who are sit around waiting for the phone to ring with an acting job, I keep busy and in the thick of things – it keeps me happy and content whilst I’m not doing the other thing that I want to do.

“Everyone in this world of entertainment are living in a flash generation, so why not make the most out of every aspect of it that you can?”

We wanted to know, having now experienced America, whether Lyndon had got the Hollywood bug?

“One thing I learned from being over there is that it really is a cut-throat business, and you have to really go in to it as if you are a commodity in the world of that business.  People are really keen to jump on English actors, who have acting experience – what many people don’t realise that out of all the people out there who want to act, very few of them have training, or experience.

“It was a really exciting experience, and I am planning to go back out in the spring to build on the relationships I built with agents out there.  I have been very lucky to have worked on so many great projects, but it is so important to keep in mind that you once the project is over you have to start on your next battle plan.”

IMG_90611 (2)

But having such a complex soap history is certainly working in Lyndon’s favour:

“It is hard for Americans to grasp how much goes in to working on a soap, or even how our soaps have been on for so long, with such grit at times too.  I was having a conversation with someone last time I was out, and they asked me what it was my character had to do, my response – digging up my dead dad, being sexually aggressive to my step mum, blackmail and manipulation – left them gobsmacked.

“Americans just don’t have any comprehension of how dark our soaps can get, and how much hard work goes in to them. I remember being really shocked at how hard it was to be a part of.  It is actually amazing that we haven’t all lost our minds.”

Speaking of soaps, we had to point out to Lyndon how well his character, Nathan, could slot back in to proceedings at this point in time, making a business partner out of Joe Tate (if he survives the week, of course), making the vengeful teenage tantrum takeover of Home Farm even more epic, to which he replied:

“With my work abroad, it has been hard to keep up completely with , but I am still friends with many of the cast, and I like to see how well it is doing – it reminds me how incredibly proud I am to have been part of it, especially when I get fans tweeting about Nathan returning to the show.

“I’ve seen some of the spectacular things that have been going on in the show, the episode where everything was seen through Ashley’s eyes was absolutely amazing, it was, in my opinion, some the most incredible and ground-breaking writing and filming in any soap, ever.

“When I left my role as Nathan I remember walking away with my head held high, exceptionally proud of what we had done, and I can recall thinking that we had done all that needed to be done.

“However, I’ve always since had a feeling that there could be more to be told in Nathan’s story.  Having had that character basically stripped bare, I can only imagine the resentment and anger that could have built up in him off-screen since then.  Of course, many of the people who were part of his downfall are no longer there, but that wouldn’t stop him from feeling a desire to come back and prove that he can still regain control, and perhaps hand in hand with Joe Tate would be an ideal evil villain opportunity….”

, what are you waiting for?


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