‘EastEnders’ Spoilers: Masood to get new love interest? Could it be Zainab?

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15092714-low_res-eastenders-january-april-2018Life hasn’t been plain sailing for favourite, Masood, since he returned to Walford earlier this year – But could that be about to change?

Fans of the hit soap will know that since arriving back in Albert Square (in the middle of a heist no less) Masood has been struggling to make ends meet, whilst allowing his pride to stop him from asking for help.

Determined to keep up the pretence that he was a successful businessman to his aunt and uncle, who he brought back with him to rent his house, Mas has gone from living in an ice cream van, to pulling pints behind at the Queen Vic…

However, luck has not been on his side and, after making complete messes out of both hair-brained schemes, Mas is forced next week to seek employment from long-term arch-nemesis, Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt), at his fish and chip shop.

It isn’t long before the management have to take action against an over-ambitious Masood () when it becomes apparent that he has been messing about with the shops recipes, and poor Mas is forced to start reconsidering his future yet again.

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But it appears he may have struck gold later in the week when, after letting Robbie Jackson (Dean Gaffney) try one of his aunt’s homemade samosas, he realises that there might be a niche for such delicious delights on the market – if only he had the recipe…

Of course, the former postman is no James Bond when it comes to being sly and discreet, so when his aunt and uncle catch him hunting for the secret recipe they are instantly suspicious.

However, luckily for Masood, the conclusion they come to is that his sneaking around is to conceal the fact he has a date – a notion they are very pleased about indeed.

So, you can only imagine their disappointment when the truth of the matter rears up to bite him in the bum, causing them to take matters in to their own hands and find him a date themselves.

Masood is not impressed, but eager to get back in the good books he agrees to give his blind date a chance….

Now, we don’t want to spoil this storyline for you by telling you what happens next, but we do feel it’s worth pointing out how coincidental it is that Masood’s love life should start to be explored next week, after we are sure we spotted – the actress who played his long-suffering ex-wife Zainab – at last night’s National Television Awards.

Of course, has appeared in several other TV shows since leaving nearly five years ago, but none recently enough to warrant her joining them in the glitzy award ceremony… Could Zainab be making a return to Walford?

We sincerely hope so!

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