‘Emmerdale’ Spoilers: Moira AND Harriett to leave? Who will Cain stop?

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The current love triangle is set to reach breaking point in next week, with both the women in Cain Dingle’s life contemplating leaving the village – But can he (or will he?) try and stop either of them?

Fans of the hit soap will know that Moira Dingle (Natalie J Robb) has been the only woman alive to tame and sensitise the beat that is Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley), so we were all left a little bit devastated when their marriage collapsed after he went sneaking off with kissing cousin Charity (Emma Atkins) for the one millionth time behind her back.

We can now appreciate that perhaps this move was a tactic on the part of the writers to find out which coupling the audience warmed to most, and so now it is pretty obvious that we are all very much in camp Coira we were all cheering from our sofas when it finally looked like they were about to reunite last week after a steamy night of passion.

But there was one fly in the ointment – Cain’s girlfriend Harriett (Katherine Dow Blyton)!

And it just so happens that Harriett is not only a very do-gooding vicar – and a heartbroken one at that since being dumped by Cain in favour of Moira moments after quitting her job to be with him – Harriett also knows that Moira murdered Emma, and Cain helped her get away with it.

So, it is understandable that Moira has been cautious about getting back with Cain completely, not wanting to rub it in the nose the woman armed with the power to make or break her future, but will she change her mind once she hears that Harriett is planning on leaving the village?

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Viewers can expect to see Harriett admit defeat as far as Cain is concerned and start making plans to bow out of the village quietly in upcoming episodes, despite friends finding out and trying to convince her otherwise.

Meanwhile, after a thoughtless comment from her mother-in-law threatens to send Moira spiralling into despair over Holly again, the farmer also decides that a fresh start away from the village is just what she needs too…

But with both the women in his life packing their bags, which one will Cain try and stop?

Moira, of course!

The desperate mechanic tries everything to convince his one true love to stay, but after every request being flatly denied, he issues his ex-wife with a life changing ultimatum….

Will it work?

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