‘Dancing On Ice’ Disco Week – Max Evans, Perri Shakes-Drayton & Alex Beresford skate!



continued this evening, and it’s all about disco week. It’s time to move those hips and get out those glittery shoes.

This is a very important week for the celebrities as it’s the first time this series that they will all go up against each other on the same night, with one of them leaving the competition at the end of the evening, but who will it be? Last week we sadly had to bid farewell to Bake Off winner, Candice Brown



Song: Relight My Fire by Dan Hartman

“Last weeks performance could not have gone better, it just blew me away,” Max said in his VT.

Max had a lot to live up to this week as he was the highest scoring celebrity from the first two weeks, so he had to pull it out of the bag tonight, which he didn’r really do and it reflected in his scoring this week. He’s one to watch out for in the competition we reckon though…

Here’s what the judges had to say:

Jason: 4 // Ashley: 4.5 // Jayne: 5.5 // Chris: 5 - TOTAL: 19

  • Jason: “Work on your lines and choreography before putting the tricks in”.
  • Ashley: “In the competition this tough that was a big miss and congrats for pulling it back. This week it highlighted your weaknesses”
  • Jayne: “I think it was a bit too ambitious to do that big lift there. I was very flattered that you were trying to do the throwaway. With the limited time you had this week you shouldn’t have rushed it”.
  • Chris: “It was under rehearsed. You should not put a big dangerous lift in like that if you’re not sure”.


Song: Wishing on a Star by Rose Royce

“I absolutely loved my first live performance. I’ve got it within me, he’s going to get it, it will come. I am known as smiley Perri, but for this routine it’s about seductive Perri,” Perri said in her VT this evening.

Perri is a good skater, as are the vast majority of the celebrities in the competition this year, but it did feel a little shaky in places. But, was it sultry and seductive enough?

Here’s what the judges had to say:

Jason: 6 // Ashley: 5.5 // Jayne: 4.5 // Chris: 4.5 - TOTAL: 20.5

  • Jason: “I love the two of you together. You’re a really strong partnership, I feel the connection. I don’t feel that with most of the others. There are things you need to finesse, but I get the commitment from you”.
  • Ashley: “I think you look incredible tonight, and you are completely invested. For me and Jason, it makes all the difference – the performance side of that was absolutely brilliant”.
  • Jayne: “In the first week you gave a very impressive performance and the skating was there. We talked about the lines, and the finishes, but I don’t see an improvement in the lines”.
  • Chris: “I want to see more skating from you, actual skating”.


Song: You Make Me Feel by Sylvester.

In his VT tonight, Alex said: “Last week is a massive blur. I was really happy with the performance. I knew my posture was going to get picked up on, but its our job to fix that. I’m not sure how many times my posture gets brought up”.

One note that Alex had last week was to work on his posture, and it looked much better to us this week. He certainly picks up some speed on the rink during his performance.

Here’s what the judges had to say:

Jason: 4.5 // Ashley: 5 // Jayne: 5.5 // Chris: 5.5 - TOTAL: 20.5

  • Jason: “Last week you were every assured but this week I could see you weren’t on your game”.
  • Ashley: “You definitely have the ability -you can skate, perform, and move, but there’s something missing. Next week I need you to believe in yourself and bring it to to the ice”.
  • Jayne: “I was impressed with the speed, and Brianne you have given him some tough moves there”.
  • Chris: “Quick forecast here – storm on top, unsettled through the centre, but there’s a heatwave coming”.


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