‘Dancing On Ice’ Disco Week – Donna Air, Jake Quickenden & Lemar take on Disco!



continued on ITV this evening, and it’s time for the celebrities to get their disco dancing shoes on, never mind their skates.

This weekend is all about Disco Week, so the celebrities are taking on some very intense skating routines, and we’ve already seen some fantastic performances from the likes of Kem Cetinay, Antony Cotton, Max Evans, and Alex Beresford. However, this week is very important for the celebrities as they are all dancing together on the same night, and by the end of this evening one more will be out of the competition.



Song: I’m Every Woman by Shaka Khan

In her VT this evening, Donna said: “I was so nervous on the show – it was terrifying and thrilling at the same time. I love that song, it’s a massive song. I have no idea what it’s going to be like to skate to, but it works on a Friday night in the kitchen”.

If there’s one thing that the judges can prise Donna for tonight, it’s that she definitely came looking the part in her shimmery, glittery jump suit. If Donna was nervous this evening, it didn’t show through all that much. She looked a lot more confident on the ice this week.

Here’s what the judges had to say:

Jason: 5.5 // Ashley: 6 // Jayne: 6 // Chris: 6 - TOTAL: 23.5

  • Jason: “Let’s face it, it’s the content that makes or breaks a routine. Donna, you performed it… it was beautiful. There was a sense of ease that I did not see from you first routine”.
  • Ashley: “Friday night in the kitchen and so much more. You’ve taken on board every note. You are our most improved skater in the competition”.
  • Jayne: “You look like you’re letting your hair down an enjoying it. It wax complete”.
  • Chris: “It was class, that’s what it was. You are listening to what Mark is telling you. What I was really pleased with is the one footed spin that you haven’t been doing, but you didn’t bottle it”.


Song: Easy by The Commodores

“The first performance is never going to be perfect, but I did what I could do. When Chris voted to save us, it was utter relief,” said in his VT tonight.

If anyone in the competition has something to prove tonight, it’s . Last week he ended up in the bottom two with Candice Brown, but he won over the most votes from the judges so he got to stay in the competition. He’s going to have to do everything he can this week to make sure he’s not in the skate-off this week.

Here’s what the judge shad to say:

Jason: 4 // Ashley: 4 // Jayne: 4.5 // Chris: 4 - TOTAL: 16.5

  • Jason: “Melody, unfortunately it is your responsibility to make your partner look good. You’re giving him stuff and he’s still not looking good. So this is something that if you’re going to advance in this competition you have to take into consideration”.
  • Ashley: “The routine felt a little fumbly from the start with that flower … , you’re still not at home on the ice”.
  • Jayne: “That’s just one extra thing you didn’t need to think about really. Im slightly appointed that there wasn’t much improvement on last week”.
  • Chris: “What he is good at is skating over the ice, let’s keep that moving around”.


Song: Canned Heart by Jamiroquai

In his VT tonight, Jake said: “Performing on the first live show was the biggest buzz I have ever had. I was not expecting the score from the judges”.

Jake is one of the more abled skaters in the competition this series – his nerves never seem to show through, and he’s always happy to throw everything AND the kitchen sink at his routines. He’s one to watch in the competition this year. This evening’s performance was DYNAMITE!

Here’s what the judges had to say:

Jason: 6.5 // Ashley: 7 // Jayne: 7 // Chris: 7 - TOTAL: 27.5

  • Jason: “There’s not many people who could pull off a burgundy suit on ice. It was great content from you Vanessa… a wonderfully choreographed routine”.
  • Ashley: “I am so excited because that is disco week. It made me want to get up and dance”.
  • Jayne: “You did that big flip at the end so that was great. Well done”.
  • Chris: “AMAZING! There’s no canned performance tonight, it was out there and hot – the ice may be melting a bit. You had everything going tonight and you have raised the bar a little higher”.


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