‘Big Brother’ on the verge of being AXED by Channel 5?

It has today been reported that long-running reality TV format, may be on the verge of being axed by .

The Daily Star newspaper has today reported that bosses at the channel are said to be “seriously considering” bringing the show to an end as we know it on due to falling ratings.

Ratings haven’t been that fantastic for the main summer series for a while really, but Celebrity always seems to be the saving grace, especially the January series. Over the past few years, we’ve seen some pretty good figures for the January series, but this year’s Winter series of Celebrity has been lagging behind.

A number of changes have been made to the format for the Winter series of Celebrity , which have been welcomed by fans of the show, with many saying that it’s almost as if the format has gone back to its roots. Rather than having forced drama in the house, this year we’ve actually seen the housemates get on, for the most part, and we’ve seen many interesting and intelligent conversations. However, it may be too little too late for the format as the damage has already been done. We love that bosses have made changes to the format this year, and it has gone extremely well, especially for hardcore fans who watch every year. Having said that, it seems as though the damage has already been done in terms of casual viewers, and even viewers who were previously big fans of the format. Whilst this year’s Winter series has been fantastic, it just hasn’t been enough to drag viewers back in. The ratings for this year’s Winter series of Celebrity have been down on previous series’ with pretty much every episode. In fact, this Friday’s second live visit to the house dipped to well under 1 million viewers.

However, now is the time for bosses to make their minds up. We know that ’s contract with Endemol – the production company behind and Celebrity – is up towards the end of the year. It means we will get another series of and Celebrity , but it’s possible they could be the last if rumours are to be believed.

It is worth pointing out that at this stage, it has not been confirmed what plan to do – either to renew the contract or throw the towel in as a decision has not been made by the channel.This really is just speculation at the moment that is being fuelled by the less than satisfactory ratings that Celebrity is getting at the moment. ′s official statement to the rumours at this stage is, as you’d expect, “no comment”.

Many have also pointed out that the revival of Love Island has been one of the final nails in the coffin for civilian in the summer. Love Island has proven to be an incredible success for ITV2, and it doesn’t help that both Love Island and went up against each other last year, with the latter losing the battle. It’s yet to be seen whether any changes will be made this year to avoid a complete head-to-head battle again.

A ‘source’ told the newspaper: “There have been conversations between the execs about not renewing the contract for and Celebrity . It would be the end of an era, but they feel the time is right for it to end”.

It was only last year that boss, Ben Frow admitted that he would be “much happier if the channel did not have on it”.

However, if does pull the plug on , it doesn’t mean that it is the end for the format. We all thought that it really was the end when came to a close on Channel 4 in 2010, before swooped in and rescued the format. It’s possible that another network – possibility a digital channel, or even online – could rescue if pulls the plug. But one thing is for sure – it will be the end of an era.


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