Grace & Frankie Spoilers: Does Frankie go to Santa Fe? Are Sol & Robert on the rocks?

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Grace and Frankie - Season 4

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Grace and Frankie returns to Netflix on Friday, January 19 and it doesn’t feel like season 4 could come soon enough. We’ve been chomping at the bit for new episodes. Whilst we wait for Season 4 to hit Netflix tomorrow, we’ve got a few details about the new season for you.

So, one of the big questions you may be asking yourself is whether Frankie ends up going to Santa Fe. At the end of season 3, things were very much up in the air, and quite literally for Grace and Frankie. In the Season 3 finale, we see Frankie tell Jacob that she can’t move to Santa Fe with him, partially because of her friendship with Grace, and partially because of those articles Grace sent her about being at risk of having another stroke. Although Grace and Frankie had a little fight at the end of season 3, we did see the season end with Grace giving Frankie her blessing to move to Santa Fe if it’s really what she wanted.

Well, we can tell you that Frankie does move to Santa Fe with Jacob. However, it is only a temporary move. In fact, Frankie is back in episode one… there’s not a moment without her. In the meantime whilst she is away, Grace moves in her long time manicurist to keep her company. As you’ll probably know by now, Grace’s manicurist, Sheree is played by the absolutely wonderful, Lisa Kudrow. Many of you will know Kudrow as Phoebe from Friends, and this project also reunites her with the brains behind Friends, Marta Kauffman. Kudrow has a recurring slot on season 3, so we’ll be seeing her around for a couple of episodes. Frankie becomes jealous of Sheree, and it’s quite clear from the get go that Frankie needs Grace just as much as Grace needs Frankie, which is the wonderful thing about both characters – they’re amazing together. In the trailer for season 4 that has been released, we see Sheree tell the pair that they are lucky to have each other, and we could not agree more. Grace and Frankie have come a long way over the 3 seasons so far, and they’re a lot closer. The new season will not ignore their wonderful friendship, and we’ll continue to see it blossom.

Grace and Frankie - Season 4

Courtesy Of: Melissa Moseley / Netflix

Sticking with the two title characters, another thing that we know is that season 4 will have a strong focus on the struggles and fear of ageing. Both Grace and Frankie are incredibly independent, possible Grace more so than Frankie. Grace definitely does not want to get old, and we’ve seen that shine through when it has come down to relationships in the past few seasons. One thing we will see this season is that Grace begins to struggle with her knee, which is impairing her walking ability. In fact, in one episode we see her get incredibly embarrassed at the fact she’s riding around the store on a mobility scooter – getting a little flustered she manages to reverse into a few water bottle stands, knocking them over in the process.

Grace will also struggle with the dating side of things in the new season – she’s convinced that her relationship with a younger man only has one way to go, and that’s south. She hides herself behind make up and fancy clothes because her insecurities lead her to believe that when he finds out the truth, he’ll leave her for someone else. In the trailer that has been released, we see Grace tell him: “Once you see the real me, you are gonna want to run for the hills”. The new season will reportedly tackle this subject with some sensitivity for both characters, whilst also bringing the comedic charm that we’ve grown to love about the series throughout the first 3 seasons.

Grace and Frankie - Season 4

Courtesy Of: Melissa Moseley / Netflix

Elsewhere, it appears that Sol and Robert have hit a bit of a rocky patch in their relationship. Over the past 3 seasons, their relationship has hardly been smooth or stable, but in season 4, it seems like that uncertainty surrounding their relationship continues. At the end of season 3, it seemed there had been a turning point as Sol had been protesting outside of the theatre; Robert wasn’t too happy with him, but at the end of season 3, we saw the pair get arrested together, which seemed to signal things were back on track for them… but that was too optimistic. As season 4 opens, it appears that Sol and Robert end up going to couples counselling to get their relationship back on track – the therapist asks whether the pair have considered an open marriage. It appears that as some sort of gathering, the pair do their separate things with Sol basically being fed by some other guy, and Robert definitely does not like the idea of it. Whilst we’ve seen bumps in the road and the pair disagree on pretty much everything, will this signal a turning point and make them both realise how much they need each other? Only time will tell…

Grace and Frankie returns to Netflix tomorrow – January 19 – and we cannot wait!


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