Rylan Clark-Neal clarifies break from ‘This Morning’: ‘I needed a break – some time to myself’

Big Brother 2016: Rylan Clark-Neal

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has had to address his break from , once again, after receiving abusive tweets on Twitter.

Last month, ’s Bit on the Side host, confirmed that he was taking a little bit of time off from . People questioned on Twitter whether he’d been sacked or forced out, but he clarified on Twitter that he hasn’t been fired – he’s simply just taking some time off.

It goes without saying that Rylan has been extremely busy since he appeared on The X Factor. Following his time on the show, he then appeared on , which boosted his popularity to no end, and since then, he’s been one of the busiest men on the telly. He landed himself a permanent slot on ITV’s and he also became the main host of ’s Bit on the Side on Channel 5, which airs every weeknight during and ‘s run. So he’s definitely been very busy over the past few years. His time on has also involved some rather early starts.

Today, Rylan appeared on Lorraine on ITV and reiterated that he hasn’t been fired from , clarifying that he just needed some time off. He did put a tweet out stating that he has worked constantly for the past five years and he needed some time to himself. The tweet sparked off the Twitter keyboard warriors and he received quite a few abusive tweets, so he ended up deleting the tweet.

Speaking to Lorraine, he said: “If I’m being completely honest, I just need some time to myself. And I put a tweet out saying I’ve worked constantly for five years, and I got insults. And I get that, but what I’m saying is, I’ve not had time off, I’ve not had Christmas or summer off, and just for my head I just need mornings back for a while”.

Let’s not forget that Rylan doesn’t do your average 9-5 job, and he’s on the go pretty much the whole time, especially when and is on the air. Aside from BB, CBB, and , he’s also had other hosting duties throughout the year, and it must be difficult to wind down from basically living at work.

“[This break is] just really, really nice. It’s nice to focus on me personally than Rylan at work. To sit there and say any job, whether it’s , or any other job that you need some time off, it’s tough,” he added.

However, fans can be assured that Rylan will be back on “at some point” in the future. At the moment, we’re not sure when, but hopefully it will be sooner rather than later.

As if all that wasn’t enough, Rylan’s new show The Wave kicks off on W this evening at 8pm and will air all this week.


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