‘Family Guy’ executive producer talks ‘killing off’ character during 300th episode

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Last night, the mammoth 300th episode of Family Guy aired on FOX, and with such a landmark episode, we knew it wasn’t going to be plain sailing.

We recently reported that FOX had confirmed at the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour that the 300th episode would centre around fan favourite, Stewie Griffin. With the episode being titled ‘Dog Bites Bear’, we kind of worked out that it would have something to do with Brian Griffin and Stewie’s beloved bear, Rupert. It turns out we were correct.

Viewers of last night’s episode got a little emotional on Twitter as we bid farewell to Rupert. In the episode, we saw a drunken Brian devour the poor bear, which of course left Stewie distraught at the thought of losing his beloved Rupert. Over the years, we’ve seen Stewie treat his toy bear as a real person, and some of the scenes between them have been hilarious, which explains why some viewers weren’t too pleased at the thought of losing Rupert forever.

However, the same viewers will have been pretty relieved to find that later in the episode, Brian bought Stewie a new Rupert bear, and Stewie is convinced that this is the second coming of Rupert. You’ll be glad to know that going forward, it will be business as usual – Rupert will just go back to being the Rupert we’ve alway known and loved.

Speaking about the episode, executive producer, Rich Appel said of Stewie believing that the new Rupert is the real Rupert from the dead: “And in the world of stuffed animal spirits, can we say he’s wrong?”

He added: “Stewie is really the one who gave Rupert life, so their bond is going to be the same. It’ll be business as usual moving forward.”

Phew! Thankfully things will go back to normal.


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