‘Emmerdale’ Spoilers: Lachlan to kill again? Debbie to turn to arson?

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January can be a pretty uneventful month in real life as most of us hibernate and save as many pennies as possible after over-indulging at Christmas.

So, it is a good job that, whilst our evenings are spent curled up in the warm, the soap gods have worked their magic to ensure that we will be thoroughly entertained as our favourite characters create enough drama for all of us.

And kick-starting this year like a firecracker, as usual, is , who have left us pretty speechless already in 2018, despite it not even being a whole month in!

Fans of the hit soap will know that, following the drama and destruction over the custody of little Sebastian, the dynamics of the dysfunctional White family were altered forever when unhinged grandson Lachlan () decided to teach his mum a lesson for trying to take him away from his girlfriend, by steering their car tin to oncoming traffic at high speed!

As soon as the realisation hit Lucky that his mother and grandfather were both dead, he seemed very remorseful…. However, it would seem that his cold and calculating personality is set to reset to scheming as he realises that his aunt Rebecca (Emily Head) may well wake up from her coma and tell the world how it was his fault…. Unless he gets rid of her too!

has released a teaser trailer for the rest of January showing the twisted teenager lurking over his poor aunt’s life support machines after ending his relationship with girlfriend Belle (Eden Taylor-Draper), who we all know wouldn’t look quite so devastated if she were to find out the truth!

Elsewhere and the trailer also shows the highly-anticipated reunion of Cain (Jeff Hordley) and Moira (Natalie J. Robb), which would certainly be a cause to celebrate if the trailer didn’t also show her declaring her guilt to Pete (Anthony Quinlan) and Ross (Michael Parr), as well as pointing out to Cain that them getting back together has left Harriet (Katherine Dow Blyton) devastated, and armed with the truth over Emma Barton’s murder – Will she scorned enough to take revenge?

Finally, the trailer also shows what seems to be a very dramatic conclusion to the current story engulfing Debbie () and her family as, after learning () -the man who tricked her in to falling in love with him to destroy her world as revenge for her mother’s failed marriage to his father – has moved in to home farm.

From the brief clip it looks like the spoilt little millionaire is in for a very warm welcome to the village indeed… As Debbie pours petrol all through the house -But will she light it?

continues tonight at 7pm on / HD – Watch the full January trailer for yourselves in the clip below:



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