‘Coronation Street’ Spoilers: As the Windass family continue to be targetted could it be OWEN who saves the day?

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The Windass family have not had an easy time of it in recently, but after last week we had all started to hope that was about to change.

Fans of the hit soap will know that down-trodden Anna Windass (Debbie Rush) is currently in jail awaiting trial for pushing young Seb (Harry Visinoni) off a roof – which she didn’t do – and for hitting Eileen Grimshaw (Sue Cleaver) over the head with a blunt instrument – which she did do, but only because she thought it was someone else, so that’s fine.

Of course, this whole pantomime has been brought to us by Eileen’s scheming husband (Connor McIntyre), whose obsession with Anna has escalated out of control with this elaborate plot to destroy her life.

Phelan’s wife Eileen has always backed her husband, who also happens to have been promoted to the ranks of serial killer over the Christmas period, believing that Anna is a just a bitter ex with a grudge… Until last week, that is.

Unbeknown to scheming Phelan, Eileen paid Anna a visit after having her faith in her husband shaken somewhat by the desperate warning issued by Seb as he hot-footed it out of Weatherfield after working out what Phelan had been up to.

And tonight, viewers can expect to see Eileen pay Anna another visit, visibly shaken by what her husband might be hiding from her – a doubt which Anna recognises instantly, and tries to manipulate to her advantage.

However, this long-running storyline is not set to conclude so neatly and, after Eileen has her mind changed again by another resident, she is firmly back in team Phelan, threatening Anna with police for harassment in the process, meaning next week’s court case shall indeed go ahead as planned.

Meanwhile Anna’s son Gary () is also going to find himself at the hands of vengeance when his ex-fiancée’s daughter tries to punish him for cheating on her mum.

After escaping death quite literally whilst working abroad to pay off his one-night stand and their expectant love child, Gary was so delighted to be welcomed back in to the arms of Sarah (Tina O’Brien) that he promptly dropped to one knee and proposed marriage.

However, as we are all far too aware, there is no such thing as a buried secret in Corrie and so before they even had time to set a date, Sarah had discovered her intended’s indiscretion and quickly called time on their relationship.

But it would seem that Gary isn’t ready to give up on Sarah just yet, as her daughter Bethany () discovers in an upcoming episode.

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After trying at first to intercept any contact between Sarah and Gary by deleting text messages, the troubled teen then turns to one of her lap dancing colleagues to try and set Gary up, as actress has been explaining to the Sun newspaper:

“Bethany doesn’t think that Gary is worth anything anymore.

“Her opinion of men has changed dramatically; she hates them anyway but because Gary has cheated on her mum after everything that her mum has gone through, Bethany can’t understand why Sarah would take him back.

“Bethany is speaking to Sam, one of the lap dancers, about how annoyed she is because she thinks that her mum is going to go back with Gary,

“She comes up with the idea of getting Sam to go in to the Rovers where Sarah works and be all over Gary because she wants Sarah to think that Gary has moved on.”

But will her plan work?

We can’t tell you that, but we certainly know of at least one person who has the power to help the Windass family – the man who was at the start of all this trouble with Phelan in the first place, Owen Armstrong!

Fans will recall that Owen was in a long-term relationship with newly single Anna before got his claws dug in to the family and ripped it apart a few years ago.

Owen has been off-screen living in Portugal with daughter Katy since leaving Weatherfield back in 2015, but with Katy having been killed off-screen late last year, now does seem like the perfect time for Owen to make a return to

And it just so happens , the actor who played the father of two, has been spotted with cast members!

Unfortunately, this appearance was for former cast mate Jack P Shepherd’s birthday bash, so the Sun newspaper reports, but the fact that this is the first time that Puleston has been spotted near the soap since he left has sparked fierce rumours that he is about to make a full return to the soap…. Watch this space!

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