Gemma Atkinson rules out ‘Emmerdale’ return – for this year, at least

Emmerdale - Gemma Atkinson


star, has ruled out a return to the Dales – well, for this year anyway. Who knows what the future may hold.

Atkinson appeared on as Carly Hope, but she left the village back in June 2017. With the way that Carly exited the Dales, the door was well and truly left open for the actress to return should a deal work out between her and the soap. Since she left, fans have been hoping that they will be able to see the star in the village once again in the most so distant future.

However, whilst Atkinson hasn’t completely ruled out a return to , she has said that we won’t be seeing her back on screen for at least another 12 months as she’ very busy with other work commitments.

Appearing on Sunday Brunch this morning, she said that she is tied up with her Key 103 commitments at the moment, and she just wouldn’t be able to find the time or energy to juggle both. She did at one point do both her Key 103 morning radio show, AND appear on , but it all got a little too much for her.

Atkinson did confirm that she’s decided to do her Key 103 morning radio show for at least another 12 months, so in that time she won’t be returning to the Dales, but it could happen in the future.

She said: “I’m doing Key 103, I’m still on that,” she said. “I’ve decided to keep it going for another year. ‘s left open and I absolutely love it so I’ll never say never but at the minute, I can’t do both. I did both for six months and it just… the hours, it killed me, and the travelling.”

Hopefully we’ll see Carly back soon enough!


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