Q1 RAJARs: ‘Chris Evans Breakfast’ breaks more records for BBC Radio



Figures released today by radio audience measurement body, , show that Radio 2 attracted 15.57 million weekly listeners in Q1 2014 – an increase of 17.6% quarter-on-quarter, and 17.7% year-on-year.

The Chris Evens Breakfast Show, once again , attracting 9.83 million weekly listeners – up from 9.82 million in the previous quarter, and from 9.80 million last year.

As a whole, Radio had a weekly reach of 35.31million – up on last year’s 35.07m but down from last quarter’s record 36.22m. The corporation had a share of 54.9% – down from 55.7% last year, and 55.2% last quarter.

attracted 10.53 million listeners aged 15+ during Q1 2014, compared to 10.26m last year, and 10.97m last quarter. Including all listeners aged 10+, that figure rises to 11.48 million. The station has a share of 6.7%, (from 6.7% last year, and 7.9% last quarter).

with gained 130,000 under-24s whilst shedding 526,000 over-25s during the quarter, and has a weekly reach of 5.85 million (5.78m last year, and 6.29m last quarter). Including all listeners aged 10+, the show has a weekly audience of 6.33 million.

Radio 3 attracted a weekly audience of 2.09 million listeners – compared to 1.99m last quarter, and 2.16m last year. The network’s share is 1.3%, from 1.1% last quarter, and 1.3% last year.

Radio 4 posted a weekly reach of 10.95 million during Q1 2014, up from 10.76m last year, but down from last quarter’s record high of 11.21m. Its share of listening is 12.2% compared to 12.5% last quarter, and 12.8% last year. The programme has 7.06 million listeners each week, from 6.94m last year, and 7.14m last quarter.

Radio 4 Extra attracted 1.66 million listeners per week (from last quarter’s 1.65m, and last year’s 1.64m).

Radio 5 Live posted a combined reach with sister station of 6.33 million listeners, from 6.41m last year, and 6.53m last quarter. Share for Radio 5 live (inc. sports extra) is 4.3% (4.2% last year, and 4.5% last quarter).

Radio 1Xtra posted a reach of 1.10 million weekly listeners (from 1.00m last year, and 1.09m last quarter).

Radio 6 Music drew 1.93 million listeners (from 1.81m last year, and 1.96m last quarter).

The Asian Network recorded an audience of 478,000 (from 554,000 last year, and 668,000 last quarter).

Local/Regional radio stations reached 9.26 million listeners per week – from 9.32m last quarter, and 9.53m last year.

The World Service’s weekly UK audience was 1.30 million – up from 1.41m last quarter, and 1.30m last year.

Speaking specifically about Radio 2′s successes, Director of Radio Helen Boaden, said: “I am delighted to see Radio 2 gaining both accolades and audiences. The station never fails to surprise and amaze with the diversity of its output, which includes an unrivalled breadth of music alongside news, current affairs, documentaries, religion, arts, comedy and readings. It also boasts many of the finest broadcasters in the country and the continuing success of is a tribute to all those who work so hard to make the show utterly unique.”

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