The Rise of Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming is here to stay. The technology has caught up with the theory – basically, play anything, anywhere, any time – and the percentage of people who now enjoy their daily fix of online gaming on phones and tablets is well past the tipping point. What used to be the preserve of the console-bound hardcore gamer is now open to anyone who can get their hands on a smartphone.

Smartphone Revolution

So what’s behind the phenomenal growth of mobile gaming? The massive improvements in smartphone technology over the last few years have certainly helped. really kicked off the smartphone revolution in 2007 with the first . The innovative touchscreen meant that a keypad was surplus to requirements; and it soon became obvious that, as far as screen size was concerned, bigger was better. followed the next year, opening up the market with handsets cheaper than ’s premium iPhones.

This fantastic touchscreen technology was scaled up to tablet size in 2010 with ’s – and of course a host of cheaper alternatives. By mid 2013, and accounted for 90% of all phone sales worldwide.

New Players

The two operating systems now represent a huge market for the major games companies. Games for phones and tablets have attracted a swathe of new players who would never have dreamed of sitting in front of a console to play. But the thrill of playing on – say – the bus on the way home from work has proved a massive draw. The range of games, coupled with the free-to-download nature of many of them, has proved addictive. The fact that many mobile games allow players to win money has helped as well.

Games to Try

So what games are available? The choice is endless. is a challenging little app in which you conduct a vehicle around a busy city, steering by tilting the handset and using the onscreen pedals.

© SUD inc.

© SUD inc.

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You might prefer to evade monsters rather than pedestrians. If so, is a good choice at the moment. It’s a simple game, perhaps best suited to those new to mobile gaming.

While there are Poker and Blackjack apps for the casino-minded, there are plenty of bingo games that are busy replacing bingo halls up and down the land. offers great examples.



Anyone who enjoyed will want to take a look at ’s . It’s not just a new version of that classic game; there’s a whole new layer of construction-based gameplay.

Pretty much any type of game you can think of is available now for and devices, so why not check out the various virtual stores and see what catches your eye?


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