Gaming news round-up (28th March)

Half of USA households own  product

has taken out a huge bite of the marketplace in the USA. In a recent survey by CNBC it was revealed that half of all American households own a product.  The average number of devices is 1.6, however, this number is set to grow as 25% of respondents state that they will buy another product within the next 12 months. The average user is male and well educated.

 PlayStation 4 codenamed ‘Orbis’?

You will be hearing the word Orbis mentioned a lot over the next few months because that is the codename for the PlayStation 4. The rumoured specifications are an AMD x64 CPU, AMD Southern Island GPU and the ability to run games in full 3D at 1080p. The PS4 won’t be backwards compatible with PlayStation 3 games, and won’t run used games. Developers are rumoured to be already in possession of development kits.

will require ‘always on connection’

gamers were over the moon at the recent news of a new game in development, however, news has come out that the game will require a ‘always on connection’ as part of Electronic Arts’ digital rights management (DRM). The game will have to be connected to Origin – EA’s digital distribution service. EA have stated this is because of the games multiplayer abilities. Many gamers, though, inherently hate intrusive DRM measures.

 Sainsbury’s slash prices in wake of GAME closures

Sainsbury’s seems to have taken advantage of GAME Group’s administration and store closures by slashing prices of software and hardware. The supermarket have said that gaming is a important part of their entertainment coverage, that their range is constantly expanding and they want to offer the most popular games and consoles at fantastic value. A couple of days ago, online retailer SHOPto were offering people with GAME Reward cards £3 off their first order if they sent their reward card in. This, however, lead to quite a backlash by gamers, as they felt it was in very bad taste. The offer was swift-fully removed hours later.



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