Copyright bid lost by BT and Talk Talk

It has been revealed today that two of the UK’s largest internet service providers  and have lost their bid against recent Government moves to tackle copyright infringement online.

Both companies had asked three individual judges to overturn the High Court ruling that backs measures intended to prevent illegal file-sharing. This comes after the creative industries (films,music, books etc) revealed that illegal file sharing costs them roughly £400 million every year.

Both companies approached this by saying these proposed measures were against EU Law. Lawyers from both companies also attempted to argue this at an appeals court in January but all three judges (Lady Justice Arden, Lord Justice Richards and Lord Justice Patten) disagreed and dismissed their appeal.

“Rather than needlessly spending more time and money on further legal challenges, and now need to focus on working with (copyright) rights holders and the Government in implementing the Digital Economy Act (DEA) with immediate effect.” said John McVay, chief executive of the Producers Alliance for Cinema and Television (Pact).


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