Reviews: Battle of ‘The X Factor’ week

As the X Factor UK gossip begins to circulate and the audition stages seeming just round the corner, previous contestants are releasing material thick and fast at present. , and former winner all have new material released, so here at imediamonkey, we thought we would have a “Battle of the X Factor” week! Here we review the contestant’s releases and see which comes out on top!

(Feat. )

Lloyd’s song opens with an alarming grunt… I still have no words to explain the use of this. However, as the song progresses it reaches a relatively catchy, body swaying chorus.

It is fair to say that the Swagger Jagger singer’s voice, in the majority, sounds mature and pretty damn good to me, but after the beautiful Stay cover on the X Factor we all knew she was capable of such a talent, as well as an attitude.

has a very 90s feel about it. It would fit comfortably in this era, however does this make it dated? I’m still not sure. But, the more I listen, the hook and chorus feel like a saving grace for this song.

In comparison to the album version, , sadly, brings nothing to it. He has yet to develop and find himself as a rap artist and it just brings an extra annoyance.

The video accompanying is, on the other hand, very cute and quirky. Matched with some equally sweet lyrics, “Thought you’d still be mine/When I kissed you goodbye” the hook feels very credible.

I do just wish the awful helicopter reference at the very end was explained, or relevant, or better cut and I also wish “You” was spelt correctly. So sadly, after a couple of relatively enjoyable releases, it feels Lloyd has taken a step backwards. 3/5

opens delicately with Cardle’s silky smooth voice and a gorgeous, but pretty standard for the artist, acoustic chord.

The song, expertly co-written by Matt, has a theme that is sure to touch many people lyrically. And, lyrically speaking, it is one of the best around at present.

It comes equipped with some stunning high notes and ad-libs from Cardle, which again is pretty standard, and the 2010 winner can hold his head up high with this strong interesting release. The vocals have not sounded better!

The song does, however, echo When We Collide, which does make me question its originality, as one of the only negatives of .

Not one to be too creative, the video sees Matt strumming along in a darkened warehouse-type place. Couples are featured in the video in touching circumstances, for instance that seem to be reuniting, that adds to the emotion of the song.

This release is not something that is going to rock everyone’s world but it is guitar-pop at its most mature and best. 4/5

It has got to be said, the boys are doing very well for themselves. But beneath the screaming pre-teens and the hype there is a very good boy band!

The song is a catchy classic pop anthem and it is sure to make you dance and sing along. The song is certainly matching the already high standards set by the two previous releases.

Vocally, like the previous contestants reviewed, the boys have worked hard and sound excellent! Toe tapping and finger clicking, the song starts slow and smooth and gradually builds to an epically explosive, charming chorus sure to make plenty of girls (and some boys) melt! The band truly hit you right between the ears with the power chorus. is a tune you can imagine blazing every arena speaker in the country.

fans, be sure also to check out the stunning acoustic version of the song on the EP. It is one not to be missed and proof the boys really can sing.

The video sees the boys touring the capital on an open-top bus, followed by a flood of screaming girls – no surprise there then. 4/5

Thinking of this in terms of the competition, it is rather clear cut of who has the strongest release. These boys are working very hard and, personally speaking of course, the best release has to be .  Well done !

was released on the 12th February, with and released 19th February 2012.

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