YouTube and BPI to join forces for music show?

The rumour mill is well and truly spinning this week, the big news being that are set to launch a new initiative.

It seems that , the trade body for the British music industry, and have been in talks about bypassing traditional broadcasters to showcase new talent by several record-labels coming together to create a unique weekly music show.

All information is somewhat wishy-washy at the moment, but it seems the idea is for these two huge companies to come together to create the weekly music show.  Again it is unclear where this show will sit, but it looks like it may be a completely new channel dedicated to getting new talent noticed.

It seems want this channel to be a professionally produced one, with talks rumoured to be held between them and several TV producers.  It seems that the contract to make this year-long show has now been awarded.

really is a formidable force, with 800 million viewers a month it is no wonder we have invented the phrase “a sensation”.  This unique ability to reach the masses could do wonders to re-invigorate the music industry and allow new talent to come through, perhaps based more around their talent and less around how much money they have to throw at promotion and production.

It is even rumoured that may be looking at signing new talent themselves this year.  With relationships between them, and TV producers, they would be a major contender as a record label.

Both and have refused to comment.

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